The Calley Academic Mentors
Kill a Mockingbird - essay
Taking on the dare, doing activities illicitly? Are these things that a responsible human being would do? The novel To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, takes place in a town named Maycomb, Alabama. Jem Finch, the older brother of Scout Finch, shifts from childhood to adulthood.
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An Ideal Leader to a 16 Year-Old
n a world of 7.53 billion only a few people are able to be effective leaders. Which can beg the question, are leaders made or are people born leaders? While a select few people are born with exceptionally important traits.
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My performance
After last week's session with Rachel, my performance in riding the unicycle has drastically improved. Not only have I been turning to the left with relative ease, but I have made substantial progress in turning to the right; an immense struggle I've been having.
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